Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clear up some uncertainties!

What is the billing commitment?

Our payment provider, Stripe, will bill you monthly. You are free to cancel this arrangement at any time by emailing us with your request. We recommend you let your target market content base grow to a reasonable size before making any viability decisions, typically after one or two quarters of testing.

What file types can I translate?

We accept most file formats, including XML, CSV exports from your CMS, Google Docs, MS Word formats, OpenOffice, XLIFF, major CAD/CAM formats. Ask if you have something unusual.

How do I count the words I need to translate?

We will keep track of that for you, including tracking any repetitions to save your quota from being used where it doesn’t need to be.

How often can I request translations?

As many times as you need in the month, up to the total translation word count of your plan. You are welcome to request one-off projects that exceed the threshold that will be billed individually. The quota should be generous enough however to cover a typical user’s content needs for each plan level.